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Health4All - Direct Debit health cash plan

Introducing the Health4All Direct Debit health cash plan

A health cash plan is an excellent way to manage the cost of your everyday healthcare; pay a small monthly premium and you can claim cash back on dental, optical and therapy treatments, plus much more.

Everyday healthcare
If you have dental check-ups, or wear glasses or contact lenses, you can claim cash back towards their cost. The plan also covers a range of therapy treatments, including osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropody, plus much more. See page 5 for the full list of benefits available.

Health worries
You don’t need to be ill to benefit from a health cash plan, but if you do have an unexpected illness, you can claim towards the costs associated with a diagnostic consultation (when referred by your own GP), or receive a cash payment for each night you spend in hospital or per day-case surgery undertaken (Silver cover and above).

Things you need to know…

  • Anyone aged 16 or over, who normally resides in the United Kingdom, can apply. Personal and family cover – children can be covered on a family plan until their 18th birthday. We reserve the right to decline cover
  • No medical required
  • We authorise payment of 90% of eligible claims within two working days of receipt
  • Premiums payable through convenient Direct Debit
  • Start claiming 13 weeks from the start date of your policy. For maternity/paternity payment, you will need to wait 10 months from the policy start date and if you have an existing health condition, you will have to wait two years before you are covered for hospital in-patient claims for the same or a related health condition. Telephone helplines can be accessed from the start date of your policy.


Cash Plan Benefits TablePolicy DocumentsPrintable Paper Application Document

Click here to apply online - Please use accesss code: WE0810


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