Who are Eduhealth?

Eduhealth offer a range of healthcare products and benefits exclusively to the education sector. Our experience and knowledge of education and the healthcare market positions us perfectly to assist you with your healthcare requirements.

How does our private medical insurance work?

Eduhealth provides crucial cover that protects you for most new medical conditions that happen after you have joined us, and the peace of mind which that brings. Our monthly direct debit premiums give excellent value for money, and the advantage of safeguarding your health with a name you can trust.

Who is eligible?

Eduhealth is available to anyone working in the education sector, teaching, administrative or ancillary staff, and their partners and families.

How do I join the scheme?

To join the scheme you will need to phone Eduhealth on 0345 226 9938 and speak to our dedicated advisers who will help you with the joining process.

Can I cover my family as well?

Partners living with you (the policyholder) and unmarried children can be covered under your policy. You can include them at the start of your policy or add them at any time afterwards.

Can I include an excess?

An excess on a medical insurance policy enables you to enjoy lower premiums in exchange for agreeing to pay a set amount towards the first claim for each member made in each membership year. At Bupa we will only expect you to pay it once in any Scheme year you or anyone covered by the policy claims, regardless of the number and costs of claims made.

Eduhealth Essentials has the option of choosing an excess of £100, £250, £500 or £1,000.

What is medical underwriting?

Different medical underwriting terms may be available to you, depending on your medical history and requirements. Here is a brief explanation of each:

Fully underwritten – this requires each applicant to supply a medical declaration on the application and, in certain circumstances, a medical report. Treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and any conditions related to them are then excluded where necessary.

With moratorium membership you are not required to complete a medical questionnaire before you arrange cover. Each time you make a claim we will ask you to provide to us medical details, including medical information that you will need to ask your GP to provide to you. Each claim you make during your membership will be assessed on this information and any further information we ask you to provide. If you have chosen moratorium membership we do not provide cover for any pre-existing and related medical conditions that you have had in the five years before your start date, unless after two years of continuous membership you have not received any medication, advice or treatment, or experienced any symptoms related to those conditions, in which case you may become eligible for cover. You should not forgo any medical treatment in an attempt to become eligible for cover earlier than you would normally be.

How does the Eduhealth Essentials underwritten option work with switch clients?

On the switch application form we ask four questions with respect to the prospective member(s)’ medical history over the last 12 months.

If the answers for all four medical questions are ‘no’ then we will simply apply any current exclusion clauses that appear on the existing membership certificate of the proposed members.

If the prospective member answers ‘yes’ to any of the questions in respect of individuals included in the application for Bupa cover then they will have to provide further medical information relating to the last 12 months, including any planned or pending treatment, investigations or tests.

Upon receipt of the application form we will refer it to our underwriting department. As well as matching any current exclusion clauses, Bupa reserves the right to add any new exclusion clauses based on the medical information supplied in respect of the prospective member(s).

How does the moratorium underwriting option available with Bupa’s Eduhealth Essentials scheme work with switch clients?

The moratorium underwriting option for switch clients who join Bupa’s Eduhealth Essentials scheme requires these members to complete a two year symptom, investigation, advice, and treatment free period commencing from the date of joining their previous private medical insurance scheme. This applies to any conditions experienced in the five years prior to taking out the cover and affects the eligibility of claims.

We ask prospective moratorium members one medical question relating to planned and pending treatment.

If any of the individuals included in the application answer ‘no’ to this question then we will use the start date of the individual’s previous moratorium policy as start date for the two year symptom and treatment free period.

If any of the prospective members answer ‘yes’, we will apply Bupa’s standard two year ruling and use the date that the member joins the Eduhealth Essentials scheme as the start date for the two year symptom and treatment free period applied to any conditions declared on the application form to join Bupa from another health insurance company.

If my personal circumstances change what will I need to do?

You are responsible for notifying Eduhealth and Bupa in writing of any change in your circumstances including change of address. If you do not inform Bupa of a change in your dependant family then they may not be covered and therefore unable to claim. Please remember that the dependant family cover will only be provided to the members that you have named to Bupa.

Can I leave the scheme at any time?

You can end your membership of the scheme at any time by writing to:

Eduhealth, Saddlers House, 4-6 South Parade, Bawtry, Doncaster, DN10 6JH

What happens when I leave the teaching profession?

If you retire or leave the teaching profession, and continue to live in the UK you may remain in the scheme.

How do I make a claim?

You should call Bupa on 0345 600 3453† before you see a consultant or therapist. Bupa will then take you through a pre-authorisation process. It is essential to keep Bupa informed throughout your treatment. There are usually no forms to complete.

About our network of hospitals

As a Bupa member on this scheme you will have access to approximately 400 recognised hospitals. The hospitals may change from time to time so you should contact us before you arrange any treatment to check that the hospital is listed. A copy of the current list is available on request and online; so you can be reassured of treatment close to home.

Additional benefits

Bupa HealthLine

Access to the Bupa HealthLine, a 24-hour, 365 days a year health advice and information service staffed by fully-qualified nurses.

Member offers

Bupa’s not just there for you when you’re unwell. We’ve specially selected a wide range of great discounts on everything from meals to motoring and more, so now you can enjoy healthy savings on the finer things in life… whenever you fancy. They’ve been very carefully negotiated for Bupa members and will change on a regular basis. For more

information visit www.bupa.co.uk/members

If you would like to protect yourself (and your family) with our private medical insurance or would like more information about Eduhealth and our other Healthcare products, please contact us on 0345 226 9938.

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